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eCommerce Software – The Right Choice

With hundreds of commercial and open source eCommerce carts out there, how do you make the decision which is the right eCommerce software solution for you? After all, you have to decide not only which cart to choose but also how steep a learning curve will it be?

This is exactly where we come in with a fully featured eCommerce solution that is simple to use, quick to implement and is feature packed. Here’s ten pointers to help you decide if our software is right for you and your business.

1 – Flexibility and Management of Products

Your eCommerce software needs to support a wide range of options for your store catalogue and not restrict you to a set amount of products.

With unlimited products and categories, our eCommerce software give you room to grow.
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2 – Complete Customer & Order Management

You need to be able to efficiently manage your store, orders and customers and update the information at any time.

With comprehensive order management and customer controls, our eCommerce solution allows you to control your orders and customers.
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3 – Marketing & Promotional Tools

Your online store needs to not only introduce new customers to your products & services but also retain existing customers.

Powerful newsletter management and customer coupons keep visitors coming back to your store time and time again.
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4 – Design Flexibility

Controlling the look and feel of your store is essential for creating the right impression on your customers. Don’t be tied down to set templates.

Our eCommerce template engine allows complete control over your store via the html layouts and CSS style sheets.
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5 – Search Engine Friendly

Every man and his dog is trying to be number one on Google, your online store needs to have the tools to help you get there.

With search engine friendly URLs and precise on page control, SEO need not be a nightmare with our software.
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6 – Commercial vs. Open Source

Although Open Source products are free of charge and reduce your startup costs, do you have the time to manage the software?

Commercial software offers a higher level of code quality and upgrades along with paid support options.
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7 – Stability & Security

It’s all very well using a SSL certificate on your checkout pages but what if the code itself is not secure?

Secured up to PCI levels, our eCommerce software satisfies all the latest regulatory standards for taking payments online.
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8 – Quick & Simple Checkout

Your eCommerce software needs to allow your customers to complete their purchase as quickly and as simply as possible.

With a single page checkout system and multiple gateway support, our eCommerce solution covers all the checkout bases.
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9 – Innovative Features

Your chosen software provider needs to be able to keep up to speed with the latest advancements and provide features you actually need.

Through our tracker system we actively encourage our users to contribute and suggest new features for the software.
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10 – Support & Backup

Your have the software but you’re stuck? You need to make sure you have the backup you need to run your store.

Telephone and email support is included as standard with every eCommerce store license.
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