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SEO Optimisation

As part of your ongoing success as an online retailer, your eCommerce software needs to effectively promote your products and services to new and existing customers.

Our eCommerce solution gives you these tools through it’s built in newsletter management, content management system and coupon generation options.

Version 2 screenshots coming soon…

  • View all customer information and password
  • Login as a customer on your store
  • Assign customers to specific groups
  • Apply discounts at customer level
  • Apply discounts through unlimited customer groups
  • Control departments/products based on group permissions
  • Create and manage credit accounts
  • Assign individual levels of credit
  • Manage customer accounts and payments
  • Exempt customers from VAT for EU businesses
  • Control newsletter subscriptions
  • View all customer orders

NB: Features that are highlighted will be introduced during the v2 release cycle

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